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I’m Fabricio Alves,

a graphic & digital designer from São Paulo, Brazil.
I had the privilege of working with companies such as Nike, Sony, RedBull, Riachuelo, Pernod Ricard, McDonalds, Cisa Trading, Unilever, Terra, Mont Blanc, Siberian, Jequiti & +.
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Graphic Designer

+ 16 years of professional experience in web, mobile, print and branding.

Web & Digital Designer

Creating websites for desktop & mobile. Apps for tablet & phones.

Branding & Visual Identities

Developing brands & visual identities for companies, services & products.

Marketing & advertising

Knowledge in marketing & advertising to improve all creative works.

About Me & My Work

Large creative experience

Working with graphic & digital design since 1999, experience used to supercharge the disclosure of their brand, services & products.
Graduated in advertising & social communication in 2003, by Anhembi Morumbi University.
In 2005, I studied graphic design at the Brazilian Academy of Arts.

Why you should invest in design?

1. Innovating

Graphic and digital design are perfect tools to improve companies, brands, products and services. We can create or/and use different ways to spread good concepts and valued information to your customers.

Why you should invest in design?

2. Interacting

Everyday, customers are involved with brands, products and services, in a different way from 10 years ago, because the digital media(the internet, apps, etc.) brought a more interactive line, where companies that invest in graphic and digital design stand out and reach their audience in a much more efficient way.

Why you should invest in design?

3. Inventing

The graphic designer work with fresh ideas, mixing it with classic concepts of all creative and artistic areas. Sometimes, we invent new structures, but always based in established and functional concepts and ideas.

Why you should invest in design?

4. Helping

The key to a good job: listen.
Another graphic and digital designer function is to listen carefully the whole client needs, and then analyze, study and finally conclude this with an adequated visual concept.

Years of Experience

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” – Charles Eames

Working & Studying daily to improve my work.

My work has been recognized by Behance general portfolios, and in several specific categories, such as “graphic design”, “interaction” and “advertising”, for example.

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Trust and recognition

I have collaborated over the last 16 years with agencies and clients.

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