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I’m Fabricio Alves, a creative visual designer based in Vancouver São Paulo.

Working by mixing references from art, film, music, fashion, design, typography and different areas, in a constant search for new and fresh ideas and keeping up to date with a world that is moving faster than ever.
I have had the privilege of working for companies such as: Nike, Sony, Medtronic, Crackle, RedBull, Hootsuite, Riachuelo, Pernod Ricard, McDonalds, Unilever, Jequiti, Artwalk, M.A.C., Clever, Votorantim Química, Mont Blanc, Authentic Feet, & +
18 years of experience

Seeking to create things beyond expectations — using or sometimes breaking rules to achieve the best visual results as possible.

More about me


Years trying to do the best design as possible


Great professionals following my work at Behance Network


Following the 10 principles for good design by Dieter Rams

Graphic Designer

+ 18 years of professional experience in web, mobile, print and branding.

Branding & Visual Identities

Developing brands & visual identities for companies, services & products.

Web & Digital Designer

Creating websites for desktop & mobile. Apps for tablet & phones.

Marketing & advertising

Knowledge in marketing & advertising to improve all creative works.


Keeping updated using modern programs like Sketch, InVision, Zeplin (and the classics too, @Photoshop & @Illustrator)

Additional Skills

Motion design for web(banners, page elements, etc.), prototyping apps and sites using InVision, Marvel, Sketch, XD, Principle and others.

Education & Learning


Education and Courses

Marketing and Advertising Bachelor’s degree (4 years) at Anhembi Morumbi University, in 2004.

Graphic Design (1 year) at Brazilian Academy of Arts in 2005.

  • Design Thinking: Customer Experience – Lynda.com (Certificate No: D13B8D72328649DF811AFCFE66E3245D)
  • Design Thinking: Understanding the Process – Lynda.com (Certificate No: D13CC0238BE746C1A4586FAE7EE2F0A0
  • Learning Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization (Certificate No: DECACD6C4BD3481CA8C144EA708EFA9D)
User Experience (UX)
  • Planning a Career in User Experience – Lynda.com (Certificate No: 204FE002CD924C169DFC3FD63FE30C6C)
  • UX Design: 1 Overview
    UX Design: 2 Analyzing User Data
    UX Design: 3 Creating Personas
    Lynda.com (Certificate Nos: 14CEFF92A5B9428C9077F21B843DFBBC / D6476E7E53074678AC43760026649C26 / E06534673C3E4A7EB48B80A8DE251F95
  • UX Foundations: Prototyping – Lynda.com (Certificate No: 05741E3D748449FF8ADA4EADF697FEA5)

They appreciated my work

Some of my works that have received prominence and recognition.

General Curated Galleries. Selected work: Nike Football Brazil
Graphic Design Curated Galleries. Selected work: Tipos 01
Interactive Curated Galleries. Selected work: Plus Shop
Interactive Curated Galleries. Selected work: Nike Bootroom
Advertising Curated Galleries. Selected work: Nike Touch
Interactive Curated Galleries. Selected work: Nike Futebol Brasil
Interactive Curated Galleries. Selected work: Riachuelo "Love is in the air"
Curioos Art Shop
Invited by Curioos ArtShop to exhibit and sell some of my works.

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