I’m Fabricio Alves, a digital designer who is always looking to exceed expectations.

In almost 20 years of experience, and living in São Paulo, Brazil and abroad(Vancouver, Canada), I have had the privilege of working with agencies for companies such as: Nike, Sony, Medtronic, Crackle, RedBull, Hootsuite, Riachuelo, Vitacon, Pernod Ricard, McDonalds, Unilever, Jequiti, Artwalk, M.A.C., Clever, Kallas, Votorantim Química, Mont Blanc, Authentic Feet, & +.



Each pixel matters. Precision and accuracy when combined with creativity flow together.



20 years working with design in all its forms.



Digital design, print, branding, animations, user experience, interactions…


Design Disruptor

Patterns can be followed, but to evolve, they must also be broken and exceeded.

Education and Courses

Marketing and Advertising Bachelor’s degree (4 years) at Anhembi Morumbi University, in 2004.
Graphic Design (1 year) at Brazilian Academy of Arts in 2005.

Design Thinking: Customer Experience

(Certificate No: D13B8D72328649DF811AFCFE66E3245D)
UX Design: Creating Personas

(Certificate No: E06534673C3E4A7EB48B80A8DE251F95)
Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization

(Certificate No: DECACD6C4BD3481CA8C144EA708EFA9D)
User Experience (UX): Planning a Career in User Experience

(Certificate No: 204FE002CD924C169DFC3FD63FE30C6C)
Design Thinking: Understanding the Process

(Certificate No: D13CC0238BE746C1A4586FAE7EE2F0A0)
UX Design: Analyzing User Data

(Certificate No: D6476E7E53074678AC43760026649C26)
UX Design: Overview

(Certificate No: 14CEFF92A5B9428C9077F21B843DFBBC)
Design Thinking: Customer Experience

(Certificate No: D13B8D72328649DF811AFCFE66E3245D)

A few numbers about my work


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Following the 10 principles for good design by Dieter Rams
Some successful cases - I

Nike — Buying products with your style.

Nike needed an easy-to-use, intuitive e-commerce customization tool. So we created a simple, but smart structure that would help users use the tool without the need for help. The customization tool worked flawlessly on both desktop and mobile.

Some successful cases - II

Vitacon — A modern face for a modern company

With the “Life is On” slogan, Vitacon is a company that seeks to reinvent the concept of housing, seeking more quality of life for people who want to live in small spaces, but in privileged regions and near work. For that, we translated all this concept and style to the new company’s website, vitacon.com.br.

Some successful cases - III

Clever — Helping to spread education

Clever is a Californian company that seeks to transform education in North America by integrating applications, students and teachers. Working with Clever was done during the time I worked for a Canadian agency, and the goal was to improve and make more creative the company’s outreach materials, both online and offline.

Some successful cases - IV

Crackle — a video platform by Sony

Already with some recognition in North America, Crackle, a streaming service from Sony, arrived in Brazil and I had the opportunity to create hotsites to promote new movies in the country.

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